Welcome to Hearse Cars

Many people don't see a real hearse until a loved one dies. During such an emotional time it is easy to see the hearse as a grim vehicle, to associate it with something unwanted such as bringing death, rather than something that brings the deceased to his or her resting place.

Other people have a much deeper appreciation of the hearse that doesn't revolve simply around morbid fascination however. The fact that hearses aren't mass-produced vehicles means that many of them are custom built. The love, time and effort put in to creating these vehicles makes them a fitting tribute to our nearest friends and family.

This site hopes to give you an introduction to the world of hearses. You'll find out what the differences are between British and American hearses, where in the world you can find hearses with temples built on the back of them, and the different type of zero-emission hearses available for really green funerals.

Hearse enthusiasts regularly advise people that they don't let their first ride in a hearse be their last. This site isn't trying to sell you a hearse, but it does suggest that the next time you see one you give it the appreciation it deserves.